W02 – Batik Artist

The Batik Artist course at One World Foundation offers specialized training in the art of Batik. Students will learn the traditional methods of wax-resist dyeing, creating beautiful textile designs, and earning NVQ Level 3 certification upon completion. This course covers the entire Batik process, from designing patterns to dyeing and finishing fabrics.

Course content includes modules on Batik history and techniques, pattern design, wax application, dyeing methods, and fabric finishing. Students engage in hands-on projects, creating a variety of Batik designs on different types of fabric. They learn to use traditional tools and materials to produce high-quality Batik textiles that meet professional standards.

Graduates of the Batik Artist course can pursue careers as Batik artists, textile designers, and more. In Sri Lanka, there is a growing demand for skilled Batik artists in the fashion and textile industries. The NVQ Level 3 certification is widely recognized and valued by employers, making graduates highly employable in the field.

The course also covers the business aspects of Batik, including marketing, pricing, and client relations. Students learn how to build a successful Batik business, from managing orders to promoting their work. This knowledge helps graduates navigate the competitive job market and establish themselves as professional Batik artists.

In addition to technical skills, the course also emphasizes the development of creative thinking and design abilities. Students learn to create original Batik designs that reflect current fashion trends and meet the needs of their clients. This approach helps them build a strong portfolio and prepares them for the challenges of the Batik industry.

The Batik Artist course also includes opportunities for students to gain real-world experience through internships and collaborations with professional Batik artists. This provides valuable hands-on experience and helps students build connections in the industry.

Overall, the Batik Artist course provides a comprehensive education in Batik, equipping students with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in their careers. It is an essential program for anyone looking to enter the world of Batik and gain a recognized qualification that opens up a wide range of opportunities.

12 Months, 08.30 am-01.30 pm